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Stressed about marketing your business because of
sketchy gurus and silver bullet promises??

Break free from the BS

marketing titans will give you 5 timeless marketing tactics you can

implement in your business


You won't just learn, YOU'LL DO

Tyler Garns

Tyler Garns

will show you how to create a multi-level funnel strategy that meets your leads where they're at.

Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

will help you craft titles & copy that speaks directly to your prospects & increases sales.

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins

will work with you on mapping out your Customer Journey so you can optimize every single step.

Van Mueller

Van Mueller

will teach you to perfect a question-based sales process that gets your prospects begging to hire you.

Laura Sills & Myke Edelman

Laura Sills & Myke Edelman

will train you on maximizing every single opportunity with the right follow up sequences.

Gain Clarity

from authentic marketing experts who will share the same timeless marketing methods they used to build their own businesses

Feel Confident

knowing you'll get easy-to-follow action items in a fun action-packed summit, skipping all the event BS everyone is sick of...

You won't be forced to buy the recordings

You won't be watching pre-recorded videos

You won't be fed silver bullet promises

You'll be taught time-tested marketing that you can

actually use and feel good about

Thursday, July 21st  11:00am – 3:00pm Central

Live on Zoom

Meet the speakers

Greg Jenkins
Monkeypod Marketing

Greg "I've got a blog post for that" Jenkins is a widely respected Keap and automation educator. He loves entrepreneurs, his OG Membership family, his real family.. and dogs. He really loves dogs.

Tyler Garns
Marketing Strategy School

This guy is THE go-to resource for all things small biz strategy. He can design it, build it, and teach it. Probably all at the same time.

Van Mueller
Van Mueller Insurance

This guy can't even go to the grocery store without getting 3 new clients. It's no wonder he's one of the top insurance agents in the country.

Sam Bennett
The Organized Artist Company

Sam is an extremely talented author, copywriter, and teacher to entrepreneurs and highly creative people. Fun fact, she also happens to be (seriously) the most likeable person.. ever.

Mychal Edelman
Keap Academy

Myke is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to harnessing automation to explode your business. He's also hilarious.

Laura Sills
Keap Academy

Laura is not only an automation and small business expert, she's also super beautiful and is an amazing photographer.

Jade Olivia
Host, Hype-Woman, Cheerleader

I specialize in automating small businesses and managing online communities. I love my family, ukuleles, and big fun crowds. I'm excited to bring entrepreneurs together, because learning is way more fun that way.

Read more about why I'm hosting this summit below.

Thursday, July 21st from 11:00am – 3:00pm Central, live on Zoom

Meet the sponsor that MADE THIS POSSIBLE

Monkeypod Marketing

Founded by Greg Jenkins, Monkeypod is known around the world to have the kindest, most resourceful membership community in all the Keap ecosystem.  Experts and novices alike flock to his OG Membership for the advice & camaraderie, led by the most genuine human being on the planet earth.

Summit Schedule

All times are listed in Central CDT


Super quick & awesome welcome with your host, Jade Olivia


Transform your funnel: Create a multi-layered approach that captures more leads, Tyler Garns


Short break


Stop writing like everyone else: Unique copy & titles people actually read & buy from, Sam Bennett


Short break


Make it personal: Question-based sales that convert, Van Mueller


Short break


Customer Journey: Create your predictable and profitable machine, Greg Jenkins


Short break


The fortune is in the follow up: Design a system that does the work for you,
Myke Edelman & Laura Sills of Keap Academy


Best announcement ever, Jade Olivia


the end 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

2 reasons..

Firstly, it’s too good. This is not one of those “free summits with a bunch of random videos to help a bunch of random people” kind of events. Top-tier speakers are showing up to give you real, actionable marketing tips that you can implement right away.

And secondly, I want you to have skin in the game. I want you to be on live, I want you to care. This event was put together to help you clear up some real marketing frustrations and misconceptions. So show up ready to meet some amazing people live on the zoom webinar.

Generally, a keynote is a big inspirational message. Those are great, but the focus of this summit is to skip the fluff and get right into the good stuff right away.

Instead of too many ideas that would cause confusion and overwhelm, you’ll get exactly 5 action items to act on immediately. No stress, just clear steps.

There isn’t one. I have a membership community, too, but you are still guaranteed to get value from the summit, even if you don’t join the membership. Come and enjoy this amazing summit, and if you want to stay on long-term for community and accountability for what we’ve just learned, I can offer that as well.


Hey everyone! I'm Jade 🙂

And I… love… events (even online ones!) I love the people, the energy, all of it. I’ll learn and get inspired, and I’ll socialize til I drop (on the dance floor that is). BUT.. as a “marketer,” even my colleagues and I sometimes get a little annoyed with.. well.. marketing.

Fads and expensive apps come and go, social media channels change every 2 seconds, and there’s always some guru or coach who promises the world if only you stop being you and start being them.

But one thing never changes. The fundamentals. The time-tested, tried and true tactics and strategies that just plain work.

And you know what else never changes? There will always be good people out there, marketing themselves authentically and successfully, using these timeless marketing methods. Because they care, they serve, and they know it’s not about them at all. It’s about you, it’s about us.

I had the distinct pleasure of growing my consulting business from zero to six figures in its first year, largely because of exposure to marketing legends and their communities of caring, sharing entrepreneurs. But I’m lucky – I “grew up” as an entrepreneur in a space where marketing itself is our craft, so I started to explore outside of my Keap & Marketing Automation bubble.

The more time I spend in non-marketing groups and entrepreneurial spaces, the more plainly I see why most small business get frustrated about finding quality marketing education and direction. There’s crap everywhere! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great coaches and influencers out there, too. But honestly, it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad unless you do this all day every day.

That’s why I’ve hand-picked 5 of the most timeless, authentic marketing educators I know, so they can share ONLY the good stuff with you. No more, no less.

Events are awesome, but if you've been to a lot then you know you're just

tired of some things

At the timeless marketing summit, you'll simply get

timeless information

from marketing experts, without any of extra crap you don't want.

So if you've ever experienced frustration with summits, gurus, workshops, presentations, or conferences in the past,

you owe it to yourself

to come to this summit for just $27