About Jade

With a background in professional dancing and cheerleading, coaching, music, and marketing automation, Jade combines these skills to serve her favorite people in the world – entrepreneurs.

As a digital marketing and automation consultant she saw that entrepreneurs often made the same mistakes, so she pivoted her time and energy to a greater purpose of speaking, educating, and networking. When entrepreneurs can connect at the right time for the right reasons, sparks can fly.. And Jade lives for the *sparks!*

And here’s what Jade means when she says “when entrepreneurs can connect at the right time for the right reasons..” Jade often talks passionately about her professional relationships – the digital marketing community, and mainly, the Keap community.

“When I quit my job and jumped into entrepreneurship in March 2020, the world was beginning a pandemic lockdown — so literally nothing was easy. But when Greg Jenkins and Brian Keith urged me to get certified as a Keap Consultant, I was introduced to more and more amazing people every day.

“I soon met another one of my great mentors, Ellen Martin, and with hers and Brian’s and Greg’s communities and guidance, my business was booming.

“And it didn’t stop there. Every amazing person I met who selflessly gave me support and advice, kept introducing me to another amazing person, and so on and so forth. Doors kept opening more doors, and there certainly wasn’t a lack of businesses to help.

“That’s when I realized that as a consultant, I couldn’t help and inspire as many businesses as I wanted. So I took the Lifecycle Marketing Concept (as promoted and refined by Keap and FUEL) and wrapped my own stories and experiences around it, to create a powerful message and movement that I could use to inspire entrepreneurs all over the world.”

“That’s why I created JadeOlivia.co. I love consulting, but if businesses all over the world could be inspired by sound customer journey concepts and, more importantly, the amazing network that turned me into who I am, we’d all be in a better place.”

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