Interested in making your life easier through automation and efficient systems combined with your own brilliance? Me too.

Is there anything simple or redundant that you wish would just happen on its own? Call me. Do you struggle with remembering all the follow-ups and tasks that are not actually worth your time? Call me.

Here are the tools and specialties that can be applied to your business: Keap, PlusThis, Zapier, WordPress, copywriting, marketing strategy, and most importantly, customer journey design.

Below are my project models, and keep scrolling for videos and resources.

Project Work

If you simply have a goal and need someone to get you there, this is the method for you. First we'll meet so I can get the deets. I might propose a quote on the spot, or more than likely I will suggest that I audit your systems before I can accurately estimate time and cost. For reference, my hourly rate is $150 but can go up or down depending on complexity and urgency.


Keep me as your secret weapon for up to X hours per month. First we'll meet so I can ascertain the average monthly tasks and time expenditure. When you retain me, my hourly fee goes down to a bundled rate of $100 per retained hour per month.


Instead of me doing all the magic, would you like to learn how to make your own? I'm happy to empower your and/or your team by showing them the right tools and processes that can save you HOURS and HOURS of time. First we'll meet so we can ascertain how much coaching is needed. For reference, coaching calls are available in X calls per month, for as long as is needed at $125/call.

Watch this Keap Pro demo video

Better yet, schedule a demo call with me. That’s WAY more fun.

I promise.. no sales pitches, no yuck, blah blah blah. Let’s just sit down and chat about what efficiencies you need in your business that would provide you relief and freedom. 

Jade Olivia Consulting Testimonials

Oh. Em. Gee. I hesitate to even write this review, because I have literally nothing but positive things to say about Jade - and my fear is that someone will read this and think "It's too good, she can't be this good", but believe me when I tell you that she is. Jade is a unicorn - she's smart, capable, and fun to work with. Not only does she help me solve problems, but she makes me feel good about myself in the process. She's an expert in understanding and designing customer journeys, and technically savvy such that she can also architect the systems that help them scale. If you need extra hands, customer support, a community leader, or just some encouragement from time to time, it's my pleasure to offer a complete and heartfelt endorsement for Jade. You'll love her.
Greg Jenkins
Monkeypod Marketing
Jade Olivia is the Energizer Bunny of Awesomeness! Rarely do you find someone with so much passion and know-how about YOUR business. It's as if she's been riding shotgun with me since before Farrow was founded. Thanks for all you do JOC!
Charles Mayfield
Farrow Skincare
Jade has become one of my favorite people on the planet. In addition to a pervasively positive attitude, she's an amazing resource of insight, business intelligence, and she has an amazing sense of how to add value to her clients. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone looking for help.
Tyler Cartwright
Ketogains Bootcamps