I have a secret. Yes, it’s true, I do love marketing and I can definitely nerd out on technology. But.. Do you know why I love it?

It’s because I’m a wild and carefree, creative yet lazy, spontaneous but accident-prone, fun-loving entrepreneur… not a techie developer. At the end of the day, automation and marketing shouldn’t be a burden, it should simply do what you’re already doing when you’re at your best, just on autopilot 24/7/365.

That’s why I love all things automation and marketing, and why I’m here to make it fun for you, too. Check out this menu of exciting ways we can make your life easier.

implementation & coaching

Jade Olivia Consulting is like no other Keaper you've worked with. As an easygoing freelancer, I'm flexible, fun, and happy to meet you where you're at instead of making you do it my way - while still guiding you through effective best practices.

attend the no-bs marketing summit

Since we're all sick of slimy gurus and silver bullet promises, I vowed to create a fun marketing event featuring the best, most authentic experts and educators in the industry. Save your seat for this twice-per-year event.

grab the same tools i use every day

While I may have some fancy tips and tricks up my sleeve, it's these tools that make it all possible. Click the button below to see all my favorites, and how to get and use them for yourself.

Jade Olivia Consulting Testimonials

Oh. Em. Gee. I hesitate to even write this review, because I have literally nothing but positive things to say about Jade - and my fear is that someone will read this and think "It's too good, she can't be this good", but believe me when I tell you that she is. Jade is a unicorn - she's smart, capable, and fun to work with. Not only does she help me solve problems, but she makes me feel good about myself in the process. She's an expert in understanding and designing customer journeys, and technically savvy such that she can also architect the systems that help them scale. If you need extra hands, customer support, a community leader, or just some encouragement from time to time, it's my pleasure to offer a complete and heartfelt endorsement for Jade. You'll love her.
Greg Jenkins
Monkeypod Marketing
Jade Olivia is the Energizer Bunny of Awesomeness! Rarely do you find someone with so much passion and know-how about YOUR business. It's as if she's been riding shotgun with me since before Farrow was founded. Thanks for all you do JOC!
Charles Mayfield
Farrow Skincare
Jade has become one of my favorite people on the planet. In addition to a pervasively positive attitude, she's an amazing resource of insight, business intelligence, and she has an amazing sense of how to add value to her clients. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone looking for help.
Tyler Cartwright
Ketogains Bootcamps

Timeless Marketing Summit Testimonials

Loved the online platform and that I knew I’d get recordings after. The workbook was helpful and well done, and I loved having that to follow along with and fill out. Speakers were engaging and informative. Very clear and actionable marketing information in such a short, but powerful event.
Rebekah Clayton
At Your Best Photography
Very well done and impressive. Plus, easy registration, free partner pass, and now this video? You are making those other presenters look bad for their events!
Anonymous Attendee Survey